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I am a programmer interested in Java, Perl and Unix. My other interests include iOS and Mac OS X development.

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The last post was 6 years back and it was the first post.

This time I am thinking of keeping a regular small updates on technical issue I have encountered and solutions which I have found for them.

Problem : For a project find I need to show nested progress bars. The first bar for a Flight level progress and second bar I needed for the PNR level progress.

Solution : There are multiple libraries available in Go lang but the one I could use was Multi Progress Bar.

The code snippet is given below :

p := mpb.New()
name := "Flights :"
bar := p.AddBar(int64(len(flightList)), 
			decor.StaticName(name, len(name), 0),

for _,flight := range flightList{
	pnrs := getPNRList(flight)
	name2 := "PNRs for "+flight.Carrier+strconv.Itoa(flight.FlightNumber)
	bar2 := p.AddBar(int64(len(pnrs)), 
			decor.StaticName(name2, len(name2), 0),
	for _, pnr := range pnrs{